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Hey, Thanks for reaching out.

You can create a dynamic group based on the ownership of the device. The ownership type has to be chosen at the time of enrollment.
Navigate to Admin-> Enrollment->Enrollment Ownership. You will be able to find different ownership types. The device will be assigned with the ownership type that was enabled in the portal at the time of device enrollment. Based on this ownership type, dynamic groups can be created. Please note that the ownership type has to be chosen accordingly at the time of enrollment for this grouping to take place accordingly.
For creating a dynamic group, please navigate to Manage–>Dynamic Groups–> New Dynamic Group. Give a group name and description. Under the condition filter, choose ‘Device info’ from the first drop-down list and you will be able to find the option ‘ownership’ in the second for filtering based on the ownership. The three categories of ownership are Personal, Corporate, Others. Please choose from this based on your requirements. Different dynamic groups can be created for different filters.

Kindly use the help link to know more about the creation of dynamic groups.

Grace Baker
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