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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

When a device is wiped and activated again, it will ask for the Apple ID and password that was previously used in the device if the activation lock was enabled on the device.

Hexnode offers two methods to clear the activation lock from the device:

1.Clearing the activation lock from the MDM console
Kindly navigate to the Manage tab and select the device on which activation lock is active. Head on to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Clear Activation Lock’.

2.Bypass Activation Lock with bypass code
Please go to the Manage tab and select the device. Head onto the Device Info tab and you can see a section named ‘Activation Lock’ if the device is supervised.
There will be two fields, the first let you know whether the Activation Lock is enabled or not. Activation Lock bypass code can be revealed by clicking on the eye icon.
Please enter the bypass code in the password field when the device asks you to verify your Apple ID and enter the password. This will bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and allows you to activate the device right away.

PS: The device should be supervised and run on iOS 7.1 or later

Kindly use the help link for further reference.


Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM