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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

For android devices, you have the following options under restrictions:
GPS: You can enable this option to let users turn ON/OFF Location services on their Android devices. Disabling this option prevents users from turning ON the GPS that was previously OFF and vice-versa.
Force GPS to fetch location: You can enable this option to enforce Location services on Android device(s) and prevent users from turning it OFF.
To track the movement of your devices, Hexnode has the Location Tracking feature for Android, windows and iOS devices.
To enable the Location Tracking feature, navigate to General Settings–>Location Tracking–>Configure. Select the option ‘Enable Location Tracking’ and a ‘Location Update Interval’.
The location update interval indicates how frequently the location needs to be updated. The time interval ranges from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
Please note to associate policy targets and save the policy.
You can navigate to manage tab, click on the device and on the device summary page you can see the most recent location of the device. By clicking ‘Location History’, you can see the complete list of locations traversed by the device. We currently do not have a ‘real-time tracking’ option available.

Please refer the link to know further about Location Tracking using Hexnode MDM.



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