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AvatarThomas Specter
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Hey Adam,

Thanks for writing back, happy to help.
As mentioned previously, “Remote Control” has always been under the “Ultimate” plan. However, when new customers sign up with Hexnode, we offer a 30-day trial period. During this period, customers are entitled to use all the features of Hexnode! When a trial user signs up, he has the “Ultra” plan active by default, and this enables you to utilize the “Remote Control” feature.
Once the trial period ends, and a user subscribes to a new plan, features under that plan will be applied to the customer portal. My guess is that you would have been able to access the “Remote Control” feature during your trial period.
Please contact our customer support for more queries. We would be able to offer immediate solutions for all your issues pertaining to Hexnode MDM.

Thomas Specter
Hexnode MDM