Reply To: Prevent users from connecting to other Wi-Fi Networks on iOS 

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Hey Edwin,

Definitely! Initially, you’ve to enroll the iPads by signing into your Hexnode MDM portal.

1. Navigate to Policies tab.

2. Go ahead with an existing Wi-Fi configuration Policy (Or if you create a new policy, make sure that you configure Wi-Fi settings before proceeding to the next step.)

3. Select iOS Settings > Advanced Restrictions
Note: The Advanced Restrictions are available only for Supervised iOS devices.

4. Check the option Connect to MDM-configured Wi-Fi networks only under Allow Device Functionality.
Note: This option is available only for Supervised iOS devices running v10.3 and above.

5. Go to Policy Targets > Add the devices to which this policy needs to be associated > Save the Policy.

Enabling this option will block users from connecting to user-configured networks. Meanwhile, the devices will automatically be connected to the MDM-configured Wi-Fi Network.

Jane McLaren
Hexnode MDM