Reply To: Prevent users from connecting to other Wi-Fi Networks on iOS 


Hey Edwin,

Definitely! Initially, you’ve to enroll the iPads by signing into your Hexnode MDM portal.

1. Navigate to Policies tab.

2. Go ahead with an existing Wi-Fi configuration Policy (Or if you create a new policy, make sure that you configure Wi-Fi settings before proceeding to the next step.)

3. Select iOS Settings > Advanced Restrictions
Note: The Advanced Restrictions are available only for Supervised iOS devices.

4. Check the option Connect to MDM-configured Wi-Fi networks only under Allow Device Functionality.
Note: This option is available only for Supervised iOS devices running v10.3 and above.

5. Go to Policy Targets > Add the devices to which this policy needs to be associated > Save the Policy.

Enabling this option will block users from connecting to user-configured networks. Meanwhile, the devices will automatically be connected to the MDM-configured Wi-Fi Network.

Jane McLaren
Hexnode MDM