Reply To: Managing multiple iPads with a PC?

AvatarJosh Hunter

Hi Kay

I don’t think this is a stupid question, and you don’t need to apologize. Here’s what you’ve asked for.

1. A master password.

You cannot put a master password to the iPad, it’s unsupported by Apple. So, we can look into an alternative.

Let the user choose a password for the iPad. You can always clear it remotely from Hexnode MDM. From the Management tab, select a device, and on the Action drop-down, select Clear Password. It’s simple as that.

2. Manage and lock iOS settings.

You can do that. You’ll have your own Hexnode MDM portal for managing devices. And on the portal, we have listed the iPad settings which you can change remotely or block user access.

3. Push wallpaper, files and screensaver.

You can push wallpapers over Wi-Fi. But, screensavers and files, no! We are working on it. Have a look at the ‘What’s Cooking‘ section to know more about the features which are under development.

As a workaround, you can use kiosk mode (‘single app kiosk mode’, to be accurate). With single app kiosk, you can launch an app remotely, an app which can create and display slideshows with the images on the device. However, with file management not available yet, you might need to add the images manually to the device.

4. Log in to iTunes with the stylists’ accounts.

With Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), you can distribute apps to the devices (no matter the stylists are logged in to their individual iTunes accounts). They can purchase any app from iTunes if they wish.

5. IM system.

Anyone with an admin access to Hexnode MDM portal can send messages to the devices. Thus, if the front desk has access to the portal, a message can be sent to the connected device(s).

Hope these answers helped. If you still have doubts, let us know. We are happy to help.

Good day,