Reply To: Devices not reporting location

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Hi Benjamin! You would have to check if the device is online and also make sure that the location services of the device is turned on.

If your device is either a Samsung (with SAFE), LG (with GATE) or Kyocera, you can force GPS location by                                                                              Polices > Android Settings > Restrictions.

I would also suggest you do a location scan and check the status of the device, you can check the status by navigating to                                        Management> Click on device name > Action History.

If the status is “failed”, the reasons would be displayed as:

– ‘Location tracking has not been enabled for this device.’
– ‘Google Play service not enabled.’
– ‘Unable to retrieve location. Check if Location services are enabled on the device.’
– ‘Location services have been disabled by user.’
– ‘Location data unreliable (from Mock location app).’

If the status is “success” the location scan is completed successfully.

Frank Clinton
Hexnode MDM.