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Hey @alondra,

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, Hexnode does not currently provide any feature to hide Bluetooth settings on macOS devices. However, you can hide the Bluetooth settings on your company-owned Samsung devices using  Hexnode’s App Configurations feature.

Please note that the Knox Service Plugin app needs to be installed on your target device for the restriction to take effect.

So, firstly, add the Knox Service Plugin app as a Managed Google Play app to your Hexnode App Inventory and install it on Samsung Knox devices enrolled via Android Enterprise.

Secondly, navigate to Policies > Android > App Configurations > Configure > +Add new configuration. Choose the Knox Service Plugin app and enable the Hide Setting Bluetooth option. Associate the policy with the target devices and choose Save.  Check out our help doc to learn how to set up App configuration for Knox Service Plugin.

Hopes this answers your query.

Archer Woods
Hexnode UEM