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Hi @luuk:

I suppose, before re-enrolling a device, you may have to re-check the Re-enrollment Options applied to it.

  1. Log in to the Hexnode portal.
  2. Navigate to Enroll > Settings > Re-enrollment Options.
  3. Check for the option you have enabled on Device Status.

When Enroll as a new device is enabled, an already enrolled device gets re-enrolled as a new one.

The command sudo profiles renew -type enrollment triggers enrollment on a device added to your organization’s DEP account. But, if the above option remains selected on Hexnode, it is disenrolled and is added as a newly enrolled device. Resultantly, the older FileVault configurations for the device do not reflect on the portal.

Currently, there will be two enrollment instances for the device, one as a disenrolled and the other as enrolled. You may fetch the FileVault Personal Recovery key for the disenrolled instance from the Reports tab. Among the Disenrolled devices (Reports > Device Reports > Disenrolled devices), search the device using its Serial Number. Click on the edit column icon to include the FileVault Personal Recovery Key. And, you can view it from there.

Catherine George

Hexnode UEM