Reply To: Deploying Enterprise apps to macOS devices using Hexnode MDM

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Thanks for your response @trixie-katy.

The Mandatory Apps policy associated with the device ensures that the specified applications are installed on the devices. As a result, the Hexnode server re-initiates the installation every 3 hours until the installation is successful.

The same is the case with DMG files. The DMG app is considered to be installed after the Hexnode UEM app returns a Success status to the previous install action. Thus, when an installation action fails, the app is regarded as uninstalled, and the process continues as the policy remains associated.

“No signature found from pkg file: Validation failed, Error While Extracting zip file” or “Mount return unknown path” messages are encountered only when there is an issue with the DMG file.

Remove the policy from the devices. Kindly check with the DMG file and try installing it manually. You may get the file worked out or go for some other files. Finally, associate it with the devices using the Mandatory Apps policy.

Good luck,

Catherine George
Hexnode UEM