Reply To: Digital Signage and Remote View on Android 4.2

Zach GoodmanZach Goodman
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Hi @_patricia_, as specified in the requirements, Remote View for Android is available only from Android 5 since Google introduced the SDK required for the feature with Android 5.

Also, as for Digital Signage Kiosk, the feature is available for devices running Android 4.4 and above and you’ll need a device with the appropriate OS version to run the feature.

However, you may add your files on Hexnode and deploy them in a Single or Multi App Kiosk setup. The experience will not be as immersive as a Digital Signage Display but could be made to adapt as required to your use case. [For documents, you’ll need to add a supported third-party app to display the file (add as a Background app) since the Hexnode Document Reader app is available from Android 5.0.]

Zach Goodman
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