Reply To: Does bitlocker require TPM?

AvatarNora Lang
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As far as security and TPM are concerned, if someone was to tamper with your PC or physically remove the drive from the computer and decrypt it, he could probably get your data with the help of the recovery key that is stored on the drive.

If your device has a TPM your drives can’t be accessed without using the key stored on the TPM. The TPM won’t work if it’s moved to another PC’s motherboard, as well. TPM does make your device more secure considering these aspects. When TPM version 1.2 and above is used in conjunction with BitLocker, it can validate system files and boot activity.

As for the encryption strength, you can mandate the encryption grade and standard (E.g., AES CBC 128, XTS-AES 256, etc.) right when you configure the BitLocker policy from Hexnode. TPM plays no role when it comes to encryption strength.

Nora Lang
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