Reply To: Bypass the activation lock in iOS devices

Deborah TimothyDeborah Timothy
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Hello Evelyn,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

A couple of things can cause the activation bypass code from the portal to be rejected.

  1. Poor network connection could be the villain. Connect to another network and try again.
  2. The bypass code changes each time the device is erased. For a DEP enrolled device, restoring the same device’s backup will make it retain its supervision state and MDM profile. The device might be enrolled in Hexnode with the same Device ID, but the bypass code will still change. Make sure that you enter the correct code.
  3. You might be making mistakes while typing out the long code. Connect your iPhone to a macOS device running Catalina or higher and open Finder. Choose the device from there and click Trust. You will now see the Activation Lock page displayed on your phone, on your laptop screen too. Paste the bypass activation code copied from the Hexnode portal in the password field. Leave the field of Apple ID blank.

Or you can take the easy way out and clear the activation lock from the portal.

Deborah Timothy
Hexnode UEM