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AvatarJeff Black
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Hi Dennis,

Hope you are doing well,

We would like to apologise for the delay in having the feature released. We understand that this has taken quite a bit of time, but our team is currently working on this with a high priority. We have encountered setbacks along the way with this feature owing to Apple’s MDM protocol and the increased rise in the restrictions that we are able to configure.

As this option is being restricted by the MDM protocol set by Apple, we are being forced to compromise and find a way to work around this. Due to this, there were unforeseen roadblocks that we are trying to overcome and therefore the development of this feature could take quite a while longer which would be approximately towards the end of the fourth quarter of this year. In the initial phase, we shall roll out the data usage tracking.

We shall keep you informed with the updates regarding this feature.

Regarding the information on the pricing page, it was never our intention to mislead you regarding the availability of the feature for IOS devices. We shall check this with the team concerned and have this looked into.

We understand that you had opted for the Ultimate version keeping this feature in mind, and if you have no other requirement of the Ultimate plan, you could send us a request via and we could have this downgraded to the previous plan accordingly.

I would like to once again reiterate our apologies for the delay and we shall look to have this feature developed as fast as possible and we shall let you know once this feature has been released.

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones take care and stay safe.

Jeff Black
Hexnode MDM