Reply To: Uninstall apps in iPhone

Shawn PayneShawn Payne

@lucy, Not all apps, but the apps that you are allowed to uninstall via Hexnode UEM are managed for sure.

Managed Apps refers to those apps that can be accessed and managed by the organization. An MDM solution can only access Managed Apps and their data. All apps installed via an MDM solution will automatically be Managed. So, if you had used Hexnode to deploy applications, they would be Managed Apps by default.

Unmanaged Apps are user-installed apps, that cannot be managed by the organization or the MDM. Apps manually installed on the device from the App Store will be Unmanaged. These apps must be converted to Managed first so that an MDM can manage them.

Only Managed apps can be uninstalled using an MDM.

Hope this clarifies your query.

Shawn Payne.
Hexnode UEM.