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Zach GoodmanZach Goodman
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@Roxanne, not sure what might be causing this for you. But it seems like something to do with the display properties returned for the remote view. This could be fixed by setting up a screen orientation property for your device from Policies > New Policy (you could also add these settings on your kiosk policy itself) > Android > Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality > Screen Orientation and setting the option to a view you would like.

Regarding rotating the remote view window not having an effect on the view; consider the remote view window as a virtual device holder, rotating this holder will rotate only the container and not the device display inside. Only when the device display is rotated for the physical device, the remote view display (not the container) will rotate accordingly into the portrait or landscape mode. This is very similar to having a phone holder on a bike. If the display is rotated to landscape mode (say while displaying the map) but you have the holder on upright position, you might want to adjust the phone holder accordingly.

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