Reply To: Block users from connecting to unsecure networks on android

Deborah TimothyDeborah Timothy

Hello Gowar,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

There are a couple of things you can do to block your employees from connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Configure a policy that sets the Minimum Wi-Fi security level to a level that you are comfortable with. This setting can be found under Policy > New Policy > Android > Advanced Restrictions > Minimum Wi-Fi security level. This restriction is only for Samsung Knox 1.0+ devices. Once this restriction is applied, the device will lose net connectivity if the network that the device is connected to does not have the set minimum-security level.
  2. Configure Wi-Fi through Hexnode. Block users from configuring Wi-Fi on their own. This can be done by disabling the option, Configure Wi-Fi under Policy > New Policy > Android > Advanced Restrictions. This setting is only supported on Android Enterprise devices. This will ensure that they will connect only to the corporate network that you have configured.

Deborah Timothy
Hexnode UEM