Reply To: Remote view on Android shows Connecting

Floris R. KeeleyFloris R. Keeley

Yes @Zach-Goodman, after finding this out, we wanted to work around the user‚Äôs manipulation by making him somehow open the Hexnode app, since theoretically that would restart Hexnode‚Äôs VPN. We knew broadcast message was working fine (the user was acknowledging) so send a long message to the user with an intriguing prompt like ‚Äė‚ÄôImportant message:‚ÄĚ yadada yadada. I think the user opened Hexnode to view that message, since all the pending action got executed after that. The device was put in lost mode, the user was locked out and during that time we send uninstall command for the¬†suspicious apps.
Then, we tried enabling Remote View and it was a success. The user has been warned after this incident and we are surely blacklisting these apps for all device.