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Can MDM track location?

The MDM solutions available these days have the ability to track the location of the managed devices; before you go privacy lecturing, hear me out. An MDM like Hexnode can pull out various other information like location history and time spent on each site. There are many jobs where the time spent on a location by the employee needs to be evaluated. With Hexnode’s location tracking features, you can track the real-time location of the device during work hours, which can help in supervising the employees.

Track your enterprise devices easily with Hexnode

Location tracking is a great feature when it comes to dealing with device theft. If an enterprise device containing sensitive corporate data is lost, it needs to be retrieved as soon as possible and with device tracking, it no longer is a daunting task. Utilizing Hexnode, you can scan the device location whenever a need arises. By scheduling location reports with Hexnode, it becomes easy to keep track of your devices. Most MDMs like Hexnode usually request the employee to turn on the GPS, hence only enabling live tracking with the employee’s permission.