Earn the podium – HexCon21 is calling for speakers!

Dale Durden

Jun 24, 2021

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HexCon21! Hexnode is back with the global user conference! The success of our first-ever user conference – HexCon20, that almost brought our servers down, saw celebrated cyber-security specialists and other industry experts coming together. A flurry of responses and enquiries from our customers following the massive success of the user conference held last December filled our hearts heavily that we put in extra hours to bring HexCon21 on a much-earlier schedule.

HexCon21 is taking it a notch higher as we go live from September 21 to September 23. As HexCon is fast emerging a premier speaker podium and a must-have addition to speaker portfolios worldwide, much buzz is being generated and lavish attendance is on the cards. If you believe that your voice deserves to be heard far and wide – come, join us.

HexCon21 in numbers

HexCon21 is truly bigger and better.

  • Attendees – Being an ever-growing community the attendance is expected to soar over 3000.
  • Speakers – More than 50 extremely proficient speakers will be sharing their wisdom.
  • Duration – The attendees can access over 40 hours of valuable content spread over 3 full days.

HexCon21 aims at enabling the attendees to get up-close with users, partners and speakers from diverse backgrounds to facilitate the free-follow of industry knowledge and the liberal exchange of innovative ideas.

Qualities we appreciate

Industry speakers

  • Being a Hexnode user adept at illuminating how Hexnode UEM simplified the management of mobile devices and secured the integral corporate data.
  • Sharing insights on how Hexnode UEM helped overcome operational difficulties and aided in seamless management and enhanced profits.
  • Having worked with corporate giants or reputed public, private enterprises or the possession of an arsenal of technical skills.
  • Deep awareness on endpoint management, significance of UEM solutions and latest developments in remote management.
  • Key understanding of security compliance, privacy compliance and perspectives on safeguarding the data in a ‘BYOD’ world.
  • Extensive knowledge on data spill, data breaches, phishing, hacking.
  • Keen eye on state-of-the-art technologies or futuristic developments.

Generic speakers

  • Enthusiastic about any original/ingenious ideas in related spheres that can pique the curiosity of the attendees.
  • Ability to contribute on a variety of topics – providing motivation to the workforce, sharing inspirational anecdotes, discussing strategies to maintain a proper work-life balance ethic.


  • Being an educational platform, we don’t intend to encourage sales pitches.
  • Offensive topics related to sensitive events or directed at any specific community/ethnicity to be avoided.

If you possess any of the aforementioned qualities or believe someone in your enterprise belongs to the HexCon stage, kindly fill the form below. Please note that the furnished details would be perused and the final decision would be at the discretion of the company.

Speaker's Submission Form


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